What is pWELD?

During the two initial pre-sale stages, early Weld investors got a pWELD pre-sale token. Here’s information about what is that and why it’s more profitable than getting all your tokens at once.

The common pre-sale model assumes the investor DOES NOT get coins after the purchase. At first, he sends money to the pre-sale/IDO smart contract, and in a few days/weeks during token generation event (TGE) goes and claims part of the tokens which were unlocked on the TGE (usually 10–15%). We denied this model to allow investors to earn using still locked tokens.

Get it later

Weld has scheduled our token generation event (TGE) for September 22. It’s on this day the WELD tokens will be generated. During the pre-sale, the community members got technical pWELD tokens. At the TGE day, early project investors will be able to start exchanging pWELD tokens for WELD ones 1 to 1 according to the vesting calendar. To get tokens, the user needs to connect his wallet to the website and click the Claim button, after which the tokens will be automatically credited to the wallet specified during registration.

On the TGE day, investors will be able to get 10% of the tokens, while the rest, according to our tokenomics, will be unlocked in equal shares once a month within the next 12 months, 7.5% monthly.

The pWELD token smart contract includes the set up unlock model.

Example: you participated in the pre-sale for $3,000, getting 50,000 pWELD. On the TGE day, you go to the weld.money website and click Claim, 10% (5,000 pWELD will be exchanged for original WELD tokens), now you will have 45,000 pWELD and 5,000 WELD tokens on your wallet. In a month, you will be able to exchange another 7.5% of tokens.

Use the benefits — just right now

First of all, it’s important to understand that by getting pWELD, you immediately become a full-fledged asset holder. You can exchange these coins, send them to third parties, sell them on the OTC market, etc. The only difference between pWELD and WELD is that the former can’t be swapped for another crypto or fiat money, but now pWELD can be used for staking.

For example, if some of your friends lost their time to participate in the initial Weld investment rounds, you can transfer coins to them at your price. It can be your first income from investing. In turn, the new token owner can use his pWELD to get income from staking or exchange it for WELD tokens after September 22.

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The most important thing is that using pWELD you will be able to get income from staking of still locked tokens just right now. Locking pWELD for staking will allow you to get 50–150% profit, which will also be charged in pWELD tokens. A detailed staking service guide will be available soon. Follow the updates on our social networks and the Medium channel.

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