Weld token. Tokenomics

We took a coin from one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance as a model for the functioning of the upcoming Weld token.

The success of the Binance Coin correlates with the exchange ecosystem success as a whole. The Binance Coin (BNB) tokenomics naturally assumes an increase of the coin value with the further expansion of the exchange ecosystem. It’s expected Weld will also become a developed ecosystem that will offer users many additional functions. Therefore, the BNB model seems to us the most preferable.

The Weld token price during the pre-sale will be $0.06. During the IDO, it will be $0.075.

Token sale details

  • Total supply tokens — 250,000,000
  • Total rounds supply — 81,925,500
  • Foundation — 78,900,000
  • Staking pool — 24,175,000
  • Team&KOL — 40,000,000

Here is the distribution of Weld tokens during key investment rounds.

20,000,000 or 8% of tokens will be distributed during the seed round.

Private round : participants will be Weld community members, venture funds, KOL etc. During this round will be distributed 50,000,000 or 20% of tokens with no initially locked and a vesting of 100% of tokens per month within 16 months.

Pre-sale round : during of this period, we will offer 8,325,500 or 3.33% of tokens. The initial unlock is expected to be 10% of tokens with a further 90% of tokens unlocked during 12 months. This round is intended for large funds and industry insiders who supported the Weld project promotion at the market and within the crypto community. Coin price will be established at $0,060.


Our IDO took place in September 2021. During the IDO we offered 3,600,000 or 1.44% of tokens. The initial unlock was 20% with 80% of tokens that will be unlocked during further 4 months. Coin price is established at $0,075.

The tokens of the team start unlocking after 9 months, with 16,66% of monthly unlock during 6 month. This smoothness of the token issue is designed to prevent a sharp drop of the Weld token price, while the work of a market maker will protect against sharp price fluctuations.


  • Private Round — 16 months, 6.25% per month
  • Pre-Sale Round — 12 months, 7.5% per month
  • IDO — 4 months, 20% per month

There is an unlocking schedule each month over 10 months (we will share the exact date of the unlock later, after the last sale round).

Unfreeze terms & conditions

  • Seed Round — Initial 0 % and vesting period 24 months, 4.16 % per month
  • Private Round — Initial 0 % and vesting period 16 months, 6.25 % per month
  • Pre-Sale Round — Initial 10 % and vesting period 12 months, 7.5 % per month
  • IDO — Initial 20 % and vesting period 4 months, 20 % per month

The tokens of the team start unlocking after 9 months + 16.66 % months unlock for 6 month.

Token buyback

Buyback is one of the most important functions of the Weld token. We plan to spend up to 20% of Weld’s monthly income for token buyback from the market. It will support the Weld ecosystem and positively affect the token price. The buyback sessions will be regularly performed during the month.

The purchased Weld tokens will be used for the project development and opening of new markets. The purchase will last within two years from the date of primal listing at DEX platforms. The token buyback program will end 730 days after the listing opening, after which the market will become self-regulated.

CEX listing

Of the total supply of tokens, we allocate 3.56% for listing on CEXs. In total, 8,900,000 tokens will be allocated with an initial 100% unlock — that is, they`ll be unlocked immediately upon entering the exchanges.




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Weld Money

Weld Money

Meet WELD crypto card, the only seamless Payment solution for day-to-day expenses. https://weld.money/

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