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3 min readAug 24, 2021


Weld is not only a promising payment service that soon will compete with global market players. The project’s native Weld token will become an attractive investment tool after all stages of the investment campaign. However, not only investors will be able to purchase Weld tokens. Here are a few features the token gives to its holders.

The first bonus that Weld token holders will get is its price growth, of course. The token will be an excellent investment tool that growth is embedded in its tokenomics model (more details).


All Weld token holders will gain additional profit for token’s staking. Specific figures will be known after the token launch.

Limits and fees

Transaction fees for Weld token holders will be reduced. At the same time, the daily and monthly limits on cash withdrawals at ATMs will be higher. For all categories of users, topping up the Weld accounts at ATMs will be free, blockchain transactions fee also will be zero.

At the same time, for regular users, the fees for cash withdrawals at ATMs and purchases will be 3%, while for Weld token holders, these operations will have 1,5% of the fee.

Weld accounts owners, as well as project investors, have the opportunity to receive a standard plastic Weld card for free. For regular users, the Premium Weld card will cost $100, with $20 of monthly maintenance cost. At the same time, for Weld token holders plastic issue and maintenance will be completely free.


After the full launch of the project at the turn of 2022, Weld token holders will also have the opportunity to use additional ecosystem services — insurance programs, credit offers, and special deposit rates in various digital currencies.

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Premium card

For the most advanced users, we’re preparing a special Premium card to get the ultimate Weld service. The Weld Premium card will allow you to count on assistance in solving medical and legal issues in any country of the world, as well as access to the Global Customer Assistance Services, operating 24/7.

Purchases paid with Weld Premium card will be automatically insured against theft or accidental damage, and will also receive a special warranty extended for up to 24 months.

Weld Premium card holders will get additional discounts visiting restaurants, fitness clubs, and entertainment venues, as well as hotel booking discounts. Finally, the Weld Premium card will allow you to use the concierge service while traveling and welcoming guests.

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