Weld on BlockchainUA in Kyiv

This week, the Weld Money team almost in full attended an important BlockchainUA conference in Kyiv. Invent provided excellent networking and allowed us to make a little meetup with our community.

Every year, BlockchainUA get together more than a thousand industry reps, investors, blockchain enthusiasts, IT experts & media reps from around the globe to discuss solutions to current challenges in the field of blockchain and decentralized technologies.

This year ‘digital transformation’ bringing business closer to technological innovations was one of the conference’s key topics. Decentralized technologies, the fintech industry development, cybersecurity, CBDC, AI & IoT were also discussed.

‘People interested in cryptocurrencies and who want to build their business in the industry should participate in such events. At least in order to see their idols live and, perhaps, examples of future successful startups,’ Weld Money’s co-founder Alexey Meretsky says.

We showed the payment using a Weld card and found new ambassadors among the industry KOLs. We also discussed the potential of WELD token listing at the WhiteBIT platform and participating in its White List project. We also discussed the expansion of pools and deepening collaboration with reps of bRing.Finance, our partner for LP token stacking.

We’ll delight you with bright collaborations with top media from the crypto industry shortly.

Expect only positive news from Weld Money very soon!

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