Weld Money Will Hold a WELD Giveaway for TG DAO and Issue a New Card Type: IDO Priority Pass

Weld Money
3 min readFeb 16, 2022

As part of a strategic partnership with TG DAO launchpad, we are holding a giveaway of 10,000 WELD tokens and in the near future we will release a new type of card: IDO priority pass, which will allow the owner to receive guaranteed allocations on several partner launchpads. All details will be announced a bit later.

What is TG DAO 3.0?

TG DAO is a launchpad built on DAO principles for technology startups. All launchpad investors are considered co-owners and take part in the key decision-making process. TG DAO is creating a community of investors based on DAO 3.0 principles and giving them unique tools for group interactions, discussions, voting, and governance.

TG DAO is preparing startups that the TG Ecosystem needs and offering crypto investors the opportunity to invest in them at early stages with maximum benefit. The community of investors chooses startups through voting, and each investor receives guaranteed allocations based on their Reputation. Investors receive income from either reselling allocations, reselling startup tokens, or from startups themselves.

The TG DAO decision-making system

Retail investors, crypto users, influencers, and other market participants use TG DAO 3.0 to form multi-level groups that can independently nominate, discuss, and make decisions about investing in a particular project. The group can make decisions in several ways: Schulze, Consensus, Consensus, or a simple majority method.

According to the decentralization principle, decisions are made independent of a central authority. Applying the hierarchical centralization principle when executing decisions gives the control, transparency, and confidence that these decisions will be implemented.
Crypto investors no longer need to spend their time selecting projects and studying them before investing. Investors gain access to startups verified by TG DAO 3.0 experts and, through the collective judgment of an investor group, make a common or personal investment decision.

What is TG Finance?

Thanks to TG Blockchain, the TG Ecosystem development team has built its own financial system that serves as a basis for a decentralized finance platform deployment integrated into the traditional financial world. The system easily integrates advanced bridge technologies to operate between blockchains, which makes it possible to use all top cryptocurrencies without paying significant fees.

TG DAO 3.0 is owned by investors, which leads to direct interactions between organized investors and startups. At the same time, TG DAO 3.0 attracts funds from investors on favorable terms, and these investors receive passive income from cryptocurrency assets. Farming and staking is planned to become available on our platform. To prevent investment loss, each TG DAO 3.0 startup participates in a deposit insurance fund.

How are investments insured?

Smart contracts are used by the startup support group. This allows funds to be allocated to startup teams only after the anticipated results, set by the business plan, are achieved. This way, the targeted use of funds is insured, which, in turn, increases the chances for successful startups and reduces the risk of losses for crypto investors.

What are group accounts?

The combination of social and financial instruments on TG DAO 3.0 allowed for the creation of a completely unique functionality for group accounts. With its help, groups of investors accumulate funds for investment, collectively make decisions on investments in a particular startup, and control the financing stages and the targeted use of funds by startup teams. This approach guarantees a balanced investment policy based on the work of the group’s collective mind.
Investors will be able to choose a startup for joint investment. Cashback in this case is a direct incentive for investors to use our innovative tool. Group accounts, in addition, inhibit any fraudulent activities due to funds being shared. No one can transfer funds from a shared wallet on their own. The group decides by voting, which is then executed by the smart contract.

Website Link: https://tgdao.io

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/tgdaopad

Telegram Link: https://t.me/TGDAOgroup

Medium: https://tgdao.medium.com/



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