Weld Money Partners with Innovative Crypto Wallet Trustee

Weld Money has partnered with Trustee, a single multi-currency crypto wallet with the ability to buy, sell, trade and earn cryptocurrencies within one app. Trustee is trusted by 500K+ users, and is integrated with 5457 unique trading pairs (fiat and crypto) and more than thousand coins and tokens. Trustee fee in cryptocurrency transactions is 0%. But this is not all the advantages of this wallet, and we will tell you more about it below.

Reliable crypto wallet for Android and iOS

Using Trustee is profitable. In addition to the fact that this wallet collects the best deals on the market and allows you to make profitable trading operations, you can earn passive income from staking cryptocurrencies. Also, Trustee has a referral program that allows you to earn income for attracting new users, and a two-level loyalty program.Trustee is a non-custodial crypto wallet. Only the users have access to their own keys and can carry out transactions with assets, therefore, their funds remain completely safe.

Trustee supports profitable buying and selling of cryptocurrencies using Visa/MasterCard bank cards and payment systems. Trustee is a multi-currency wallet that allows you to operate Bitcoin and almost all virtual currencies in one application. Trustee has a mobile app that is always at hand and available at any time with the Internet.

How does the Trustee Wallet app work?

One of the strengths of Trustee Wallet is its simple, user-friendly and intuitive interface. You can customize the wallet to suit your tastes and needs. These features are available:

  • personal interface (drag and drop of coins on the main screen in the order the user needs);
  • sorting coins on the main screen according to different parameters;
  • invoicing for payment (click “Get” in the coin tab);
  • filtering transactions and exchange operations;
  • loading the transaction history into a csv file;
  • notification management.

Security and anonymity

Trustee Wallet is a secure crypto wallet because it assumes that the keys are stored exclusively on the user’s device (it’s confirmed by the fact that Trustee is open source on GitHub).

As an anonymous crypto wallet, Trustee does not collect personal data, does not require registration, does not store or transfer user or device data, does not oblige the user to provide personal information when buying crypto for fiat, and also allows you to hide the balance.

Smart Swap

This feature has no analogues in the world and makes Trustee Wallet one of the most popular and convenient services for exchanging cryptocurrencies. The Smart Swap system solves key user concerns:

  • integrates a number of reliable service providers (exchanges, exchangers);
  • finds the best exchange rate;
  • compiles a ranked list of offers (taking into account the exchange rate and fees);
  • notifies the provider of special conditions (verification, limits);
  • gives the client the opportunity to freely choose from the options offered.


Low fees are one of the main competitive advantages of the Trustee Wallet crypto wallet. Trustee Wallet fees:

  • when transferring assets between wallets — 0%
  • for cryptocurrency exchange operations — 0.2%
  • for transactions involving bank cards — from 0.5% to 1%.

DeFi & Wallet Connect

Advanced crypto market players will appreciate direct access to the DeFi world through WalletConnect and dApps, as well as support for major DeFi tokens and NFTs. By connecting to the main marketplaces, you can:

  • create your own NFTs,
  • place them for sale or buy on the marketplace,
  • receive and transfer to another address,
  • stоre in your wallet, collecting your own collections of masterpieces.


There are several ways to earn income with Trustee Wallet. One of them is passive income on staking cryptocurrencies. Its essence is like that: clients receive income from the freezing of cryptocurrency in order to participate in the process of verifying blockchain transactions.

VET, Tron, AMB and Solana staking is available on Trustee Wallet. In order to start earning, you need to replenish the balance of the wallet with the appropriate coins, transfer them to staking directly in the wallet, and then after a while withdraw the income and unfreeze the assets.




Meet WELD crypto card, the only seamless Payment solution for day-to-day expenses. https://weld.money/

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Meet WELD crypto card, the only seamless Payment solution for day-to-day expenses. https://weld.money/

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