Weld Money Partners with Innovative Crypto Wallet Trustee

Reliable crypto wallet for Android and iOS

How does the Trustee Wallet app work?

  • personal interface (drag and drop of coins on the main screen in the order the user needs);
  • sorting coins on the main screen according to different parameters;
  • invoicing for payment (click “Get” in the coin tab);
  • filtering transactions and exchange operations;
  • loading the transaction history into a csv file;
  • notification management.

Security and anonymity

Smart Swap

  • integrates a number of reliable service providers (exchanges, exchangers);
  • finds the best exchange rate;
  • compiles a ranked list of offers (taking into account the exchange rate and fees);
  • notifies the provider of special conditions (verification, limits);
  • gives the client the opportunity to freely choose from the options offered.


  • when transferring assets between wallets — 0%
  • for cryptocurrency exchange operations — 0.2%
  • for transactions involving bank cards — from 0.5% to 1%.

DeFi & Wallet Connect

  • create your own NFTs,
  • place them for sale or buy on the marketplace,
  • receive and transfer to another address,
  • stоre in your wallet, collecting your own collections of masterpieces.




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