Weld Money Launches the Unchain Help Card to Support Ukrainian People Hit by War

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4 min readMar 23, 2022


We are launching a product that is necessary for our homeland today in these difficult times that have hit Ukraine, replacing the serenity of peace with the pain and horrors of war.

In our charity project, we were supported by media from all over the world and very soon we will share information about our partners.

The launch of the Weld card was planned for early March, but due to the invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, we decided to use Weld’s ready-made technology to provide humanitarian assistance, which is now vital. Targeted assistance to affected persons is now being built on the weld card technology.
All this time in March we worked in a humanitarian direction: raising money for the charity crypto fund named Unchain Fund.

What is Unchain Fund?

The Unchain Fund consists of the people from all over the cryptocurrency world who donate funds for people from Ukraine. The founders of the foundation are Alexey Meretsky, Rev Miller, Alexey Bobok and Oleg Kurchenko. Unchain Fund has already received donations and support from organizations and individuals such as NEAR Protocol, Weld Money, Pool Together, Binaryx Stefan George, pet3rpan, The Sandbox, True Global Ventures, Celo, Gitcoin, Atlantis World, Allbridge, zkSync, Harmony, and many others.

The main humanitarian mission of the foundation is individual / personal assistance to Ukrainians affected by the attack of the Russian occupiers. As of March 1, 2022, the fund has raised $7 million in cryptocurrency for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The Fund was created so that the people of Ukraine could receive assistance where it is most needed now, and as soon as possible.

The Unchain Help Card is designed for everyone who needs help!

Thanks to the fund’s cooperation of the Ukrainian Unex Bank and Weld Money, whose infrastructure allows paying with cryptocurrency via bank card, donates will immediately be credited in hryvnia to the virtual payment card named Unchain Help Card issued by Unex Bank and Weld Money.

To take advantage of financial assistance, Ukrainians do not need to undergo complex registration and install additional software. All they deal with is a regular bank card. Weld Money will take care of the rest.

As part of the cooperation with Unex Bank, we plan to issue 100,000 cards in the near future, which will give the growth of the Weld project and increase the brand`s awareness around the world.

Who can count on humanitarian aid?

Assistance is provided to women (for example, mothers, grandmothers) with children, at the rate of “one adult + children under 16 years old”. Assistance is provided to families located on the territory of Ukraine, there are no other conditions.
One person can receive benefits up to 4 times. Repeated transfers are credited automatically.

For example, a woman with two children will be provided with assistance equal to the hryvnia equivalent of 75 euros per week. This is not a loan or a credit — the assistance received does not need to be returned.

Card operation technology

Card issuer is a Ukrainian based UNEX bank and it’s a MasterCard card. So we are pleased to announce two new partnerships!

Unchain Help Card is a virtual card distributed over telegram chat bot and can be added to Google and Apple Pay wallets. All these cards are linked to segregated cryptocurrency accounts with crypto donations coming from all over the world. We are top upping Unchain help cards weekly in fiat throughout weld payment infrastructure providing charity funds to end recipients.

How does it work and where does the money come from?

On February 25, 2022, the global charity campaign Unchain Ukraine was launched to raise funds in cryptocurrencies. To date, the foundation has already raised more than $7 million in crypto for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The distribution of the collected funds is handled by a charitable web3 foundation — the Unchain Fund.

The Unchain Fund has already donated $2.3 million in fiat (state) currency to organizations and volunteers who purchase food, medicines, fuel, communication and protection equipment, and help Ukrainian families to evacuate from the war zone.

Donors from all over the world donate cryptocurrency to the Unchain Fund, while the virtual Unchain Help Card gives Ukrainians the opportunity to use these funds directly and immediately.

Important: our basic Weld crypto card will definitely be launched very soon! This is our headliner, and the launch of this product is the next step we are going to take.

Our next step is to present a Weld Crypto Card to everyone in Ukraine. Timing depends on the banking system’s readiness to work in a normal mode.
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