Weld Money Founders Were Invited to Join the Big Money Club

On November 25, Weld Money founders Alexey Meretsky, Iryna Lorens and Alexey Bobok attended a meeting of the Big Money Club. They were invited to join the club — the initiator was Weld Money adviser and Big Money Club CEO Artem Kovbel. The meeting came up to be quite eventful, Weld founders talked with the leaders and members of the club about building a modern business and interesting partnerships.

Big Money Club is the only business club that spends 100% of participants’ contributions on events and educational seminars. While the rest of the clubs make money from the members, BMC is essentially a non-self-serving social project.

There are three types of speakers at club meetings:

  • world-class businessmen;
  • entrepreneurs and top speakers from the CIS;
  • club members.

The main ideology of the club is cross-business ties between the following cities: Tel Aviv, New York, Dubai, London, Tashkent, Nursultan, Tbilisi, Warsaw, Vienna, Toronto and Kiev.

The club was created for the communication of businessmen from different countries and the scaling of their businesses. The founders of the club are convinced that the power of entrepreneurship can be achieved through synergy only.

What Big Money Club plans for the coming year is:

  • 6 “Big Meetings”, where top speakers and influential businessmen from all over the world are going to speak
  • 12 “Workshops” with the best niche experts from around the world
  • “Peer to peer” or “Small forums” where professional coaches will help members to solve their business problems
  • “Family days — joint trips with club members
  • Excursions to the largest companies and enterprises
  • Sports events
  • Sub-clubs by interests
  • Creation of an investment club, where only club members will be able to become members.

We wish the club successful development and implementation of its ambitious plans. Weld Money founders are glad they found an excellent platform for regular networking in the club, for in business, human relations always help to reach great heights.

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Meet WELD crypto card, the only seamless Payment solution for day-to-day expenses. https://weld.money/

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