Weld Money Co-founder Spoke at the Big Invest Summit in Kyiv

On this weekend, we are attending the second event — immediately after the conference dedicated to NFT, Weld moves into the investment space, at the Big Invest Summit — the first large-scale live summit in Ukraine about investing and everything related to it. At the summit, the co-founder of Weld Iryna Lorens acted as a speaker.

On November 27–28, the Big Invest Summit 2021 was held in Kiev. Fifteen hundred guests attended the event, which was addressed by 14 top speakers, among whom Iryna performed on the second day.

The mission of the investment summit is to bring practical knowledge about modern investing, to share new tools, for in recent years, investment activity has undergone significant changes, and what was impossible to imagine before has become commonplace. These are millionaire schoolchildren who collected their cryptocurrency portfolio at quite young age, non-accredited investors who got the opportunity to participate in crowdfunding projects — all these opportunities are given to the investor by the growing Web 3.0 space with its technologies of the future.

The summit covered all types of investment activities and trend instruments: securities, collateral and unsecured lending, P2P platforms, residential and commercial real estate, the land market and its prospects, mutual and corporate investment funds, portfolio investment, business and franchises.

Cryptocurrencies have become an important area of investment in recent years — classic coins, project tokens, DeFi-tools, stablecoins, NFTs. It was on the topic of investing in cryptocurrencies that Iryna Lorens gave a report.

Passive income, which has been talked about a lot in recent years, is achievable, and Iryna told how to approach its formation with maximum safety. The topic of the report was “Safe Passive Income in the Cryptocurrency Market”. The goal of reaching passive income is quite achievable, however, given the specifics of the market, one should look for a balance between the desired yield and the risk factor.

It is clear that all we want “the more, the better”, but this approach is far from investment. Iryna told in her speech about the correctly selected balance of various instruments in the cryptocurrency portfolio and what degree of risk is acceptable when compiling it for different types of investors.

The report of Weld co-founder was highly appreciated by the guests, many were interested in our project, since Weld is essentially the first cryptocurrency card in the CIS region with completely transparent, favorable conditions, minimal commissions and seamless operation in the most common applications for card payment via smartphone.

I was happy to speak at the Investment summit — as always, after such events there was a powerful networking, where Weld Money found new potential partners,” says Iryna.

“I think we can expect a number of large investments in the project and interesting collaborations in the coming year. I thank the organizers for an excellent event — it turned out to be very rich and useful.”

Meet WELD crypto card, the only seamless Payment solution for day-to-day expenses. https://weld.money/

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Weld Money

Weld Money

Meet WELD crypto card, the only seamless Payment solution for day-to-day expenses. https://weld.money/

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