We are glad to announce that on September 22 WELD Pool opens on the ZENDID platform. You can already join the IDO whitelist to participate in the next investment round of Weld on September 22 at 14 pm UTC. Here are our ZENDID IDO details.


ZENDIT is the platform for initial launches of manually selected and pre-tested projects capable to make a breakthrough in the blockchain industry. At the influential launchpads and IDO platforms Cryptorank rating ZENDIT platform takes the 7th place of dozen of rivals ranked by current and ATH ROI

Its parent entity MANTRA DAO is a community-managed DeFi platform specialized in staking, lending, and governance. It is built on parity substrate for the Polkadot ecosystem.

The project mission is to create a transparent decentralized web 3.0 ecosystem to return financial control to people who will be able to jointly store and increase their wealth. The MANTRA DAO team consists of experienced entrepreneurs & professionals from different countries & industries who unite to provide DeFi services all around the world.

Among the platform’s services, we can note STAKING, which allows getting rewards for some different assets in a decentralized & non-custodial way. ZENTEREST is a landing service for borrowing funds for any crypto asset amount in a peer-to-peer way.

To support its branched financial ecosystem MANTRA DAO launches its DeFi services on several different blockchains at once. Additionally to Polkadot, which was used for the initial platform launches, MANTRA DAO offers its services on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, HECO, Solana, RioChain, and other blockchains.

The key ecosystem’s income source is the validator node operating business. MANTRA DAO already brings millions of income yearly to its owners and community members. Half of the profit is used to buyback OM tokens on the open market to support liquidity. Another quarter is used to provide MANTRA POOL winnings.

MANTRA DAO community members get the ‘sherpa’ status which allows a) to participate in the project community expansion to reach more people in more areas, b) to ‘connect’ to other ‘sherpas’ and MANTRA DAO team members, c) to earn points that can be redeemed for MANTRA swag and special giveaways as well as building up your ‘karma’.

Token sale details

While the initial release of the Weld app is planned for October 2021, Weld is getting the ball rolling this month with the launch of its $WELD token on ZENDIT as a BEP-20 token.

ZENDID whitelist

Weld ZENDIT dates

Snapshot has taken Sunday, September 19, 12 pm UTC

Whitelist closes Monday, September 20, 12 pm UTC

Whitelist winners announced Thursday, September 21, 12 pm UTC

Pool opens Wensday, September 22, 12 pm UTC

Round Tier and Terms

Public Round Tokens

20% unlocked upon TGE on September 22nd, 14 pm UTC, with 80% over 4 months.

WELD ZENDIT pool details

Token Ticker: $WELD

Token Type: BEP-20

Total Raise Amount: $120,000

Total Available Tokens: 1,600,000 $WELD

2 Pools: Tier 0 Pool, Private Sherpa Pool

Asset Pool Pair: BUSD/WELD

USD Token exchange offering Price: $0.075

Participation Tiers

The project community members with sherpa status will get the highest level of participation. Each wallet may only participate in one sherpa tier. Also if it meets the requirements, it will automatically be able to participate in the public tier. To participate in the funding round, participants must have ONLY the ERC-20 standard OM tokens. Supplied OM refers to OM supplied on ZENTEREST or zenOM. Staked OM refers to OM staked in our staking contract or sOM.

ZENDIT tiers (from highest to lowest)

Supplying 188,000 OM

Total Pool Allocation Amount: $20,000

Supplying 50,000 OM

Max Allocation Amount: $1,000

Staking/Supplying 40,000 OM

Max Allocation Amount: $800

Holding/Staking/Supplying 30,000 OM

Max Allocation Amount: $600

Holding/Staking/Supplying 15,000 OM or holding a “100M OM Staked” NFT

Max Allocation Amount: $400

Holding/Staking/Supplying 8888 OM or holding a MANTRA DAO PolkaPet

Max Allocation Amount: $200

Whitelisting guide

Join the Weld Telegram community and announcements channel

Follow MANTRA DAO and Weld on Twitter.

Like the announcement tweet about the Weld token launch (on both the ZENDIT and Weld Twitter pages) and retweet it also!

Final step. Complete this entry form before Monday, September 20th, 12 PM UTC.

ZENDID whitelist

After the whitelist closing on Monday, September 20, at 12 pm UTC ZENDID will randomly select a limited number of sherpas for each level who get access to the pools and will announce the BEP-20 addresses of the winners’ wallets on Twitter and via other channels on Tuesday, September 21st, 12 PM UTC.

At the same time, ZENDID reminds that even the place in the list of selected participants doesn’t guarantee to receive an allocation. To complete the purchase and enter the pool, you need to act fast.


Website |Whitepaper |Telegram |Medium |Twitter | LinkedIn | Github

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | LinkedIn

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