Unchain Help Card: who and how can get a card

Who can get help and what are the details?

Assistance is provided to women with children, in the hryvnia equivalent of 25 euros per 1 person (based on “one adult + children under 16”).
For example, a woman with two children will receive an allowance equal to the hryvnia equivalent of 75 euros per week.

  1. Under the terms of the program, assistance is provided:
    - mothers with newborn babies (born in 2022);
    - families with 2 or more children under 16;
    - the specified categories which are in the most difficult conditions and are registered in regions where intensive military operations take place.

How to order a card?

Step 1. Pass step-by-step verification in the Unchain chatbot.
Step 2. Wait for a call from a specialist.
Step 3. Get the card data (number and validity period) in the chatbot. The CVV code will be sent by SMS to your mobile number.

How to use the card and the main questions and answers about use?

  1. Add the card to your GooglePay or ApplePay wallet, using the data sent to you by the bank in the chatbot and SMS.



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