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We are proud that together with the Unchain Fund and UNEX Bank we have created the world’s first cryptocurrency card UNCHAIN Help Card to help Ukrainian women and children affected by the war. Our virtual card was created to help Ukrainian women with children.

Thousands of children and adults have already received assistance under the Unchain Help Card program.We are grateful to the Unchain Fund team for helping to gather feedback from hundreds of users.

Stories of Ukrainian women. Part 1:
On the photo are 3-year-old Platon and 14-year-old Sofia from Dnipro with their mother Kateryna.

«When the war started, it was scary, especially for the children. The son is too young to understand what’s happening , so he took it easy, but the daughter was very scared, cried and could not believe in the war.
Soon difficulty with work began, the kindergarten and school were closed. There was no help. I am very grateful to your foundation for helping us financially. I received 4 payments of 2300 hryvnias. For them we bought food, medicine and clothes for my son. Now we are at home, I found a part-time job. Thank you very much for your help, it saved us from starvation. You are doing a great job helping people», said Kateryna Shakun, the mother of Sofia and Platon.

Stories of Ukrainian women. Part 2:
On the photo are Tetiana Cherkashyna’s children from Kharkiv, ages 8 and 12

“At the beginning of the war the whole family slept in the basement of a new building on pallets, it was very cold. Then we moved to the basement of the school, where there were a lot of people. The children slept on chairs, and the adults slept in any way they could. After 2.5 weeks they couldn’t stand it and went to their cousins in Zakarpattia.”

From them Tetiana found out about the Unchain Help Card financial assistance program for Ukrainian mothers. Tetiana has already received four payments of 2,400 hryvnias a week. She spent the money mostly on food and bought clothes and shoes for her daughters.

“After each payment, I always bought sweets for the children to make them happy. This money helped our family a lot,” says Tetiana Cherkashyna.

Stories of Ukrainian women. Part 3:
On the photo are two-year-old Misha from the Mykolaiv region.

His mother, Alina Ninua, told us about what they went through when the war started:

“I’m still afraid to leave my son alone even for a minute, because I always have the image of falling bombs in my mind. My son is a little boy, so thank God he doesn’t understand what is happening and why his mother is crying.While my husband was home, we cleaned the basement to hide during the sirens.
My husband lost his job, there was no money at all. In the city, too, we started having problems with jobs, with medicine, with baby supplies.
We didn’t know what to do next, but we clearly knew that we wouldn’t leave the country. It’s our land, our homeland.Then my husband went to defend our country, and I was left alone with a baby in my arms. Then a friend told me that there is a fund called Unchain, which supports mothers, volunteers, and others. When I applied, they gave me a help card. Every week for a month I received a payment. The first months of the war were the hardest. Only thanks to you I was able to keep buying my son everything he needed: diapers, hygiene stuff, food, sometimes even toys . Sincerely thank you for your work, for your support in these difficult times.”

Stories of Ukrainian women. Part 4:
On the 1rst photo Sofiia Yacoub is from the city of Sloviansk in the Donetsk region. She has a five-year-old daughter Diana and a three-year-old son Maxim.
On the 2nd photo ara Anna Vonok’s children : Sasha only 4 months old, and her older daughter Liza was 4 years old.

«The war is not new for us, we already lived through it in 2014… But then I had no children! In the first days, when we started hearing and seeing explosions, enemy planes, we were sitting in the basement. I could hardly contain my emotions, so the children wouldn’t notice that I was scared too. I was afraid first and foremost for them. I had lost my part-time job as a saleswoman. And I became afraid of what to feed my scared children…My cousin told me about the Unchain Found. I didn’t believe in it until the last… When the first payment came, my children and I cried, rejoicing that there was money for food.” — Sofiia told.

Asked to give an interview or a few words about her story, Anna Vovok said :

“We didn’t believe it at first, but we looked out the window and saw that everyone was running away with their suitcases at 6 a.m. We quickly packed and left for the Sumy region to our parents. When we got to our parents, around 12 o’clock in the afternoon a lot of tanks and gasoline trucks drove by us. We thought that they might be Ukrainian, but our mind told us that they were not, because they were coming from the side of the border. There was fear that they would start shooting at us and the residential houses, and our eldest child was afraid of the sound of the convoy coming. We hid in the cellar when there was shelling and bombing, my daughter was scared. One morning a plane flew over our house, windows shook, something exploded nearby, we jumped up and lay on the floor in the hallway. My husband had been on unpaid leave from the first day of the war until today. We didn’t understand what was going on and how to go on living, we were like in a fog. There were difficulties in getting to the stores, because there were rashists driving nearby. Before the war, we were an ordinary family, we could afford everything, we earned decent money. I worked before the maternity leave as a lawyer in a grain trading company, and my husband worked in road construction. In the summer we were going to go to the sea … But that day changed everything. In the blink of an eye we were left with no income,
only 860 UAH per child.We are fine now, your program has given us a sense of support, that we are important, that someone needs us, that we are not alone with all the problems.”

The technology of Weld Money helped to create Unchain Help Card ─
a virtual financial assistance card for Ukrainian women with children who are in the most difficult conditions, remained in Ukraine and registered in the regions where hostilities are going on.

We wish peace to everyone! And good health to all children!
Slava Ukraini!



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