The first crypto payment in Ukraine!

On October 29, 2021, the Weld Money crypto startup team made the first payment in Ukraine using its card. The transaction was made through a POS terminal using Google Play and Apple Pay wallets. Everyday payments were impossible before due to the high blockchain fees and an insufficient legal field in the CIS countries.

The video presentation was published in community chats and on the Weld Money YouTube page, where the team showed the technical way for every Ukrainian to pay using cryptocurrency at any offline or online sale point.

Our first transaction proved the cryptocurrency payments in Ukraine are possible, and the most important — convenient for both users and businesses, Weld Money co-founder Alexey Bobok says.

The launch of the Weld app (both in mobile and desktop versions) is at the final stage. The product MVP has already been created, is currently being tested, and will be presented to the public in the coming months.

Weld Money has already integrated with several banks in Ukraine and Europe:

We are actively expanding our own partner network both in Ukraine and abroad. We’ll announce a partnership with one of the key global payment market players shortly! Weld Money co-founder Alexey Meretsky adds.

WebMoney was the first to offer a legal option for making payments in any country using cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency exchange is made in jurisdictions with appropriate legislation, and the payment goes through the usual card. It allows applying such calculations for any merchant in any country using Weld Money technology.

Know more about the Weld Money project.

The team listens very much to the community opinion

You can leave your suggestions on the crypto payment improvement in the Telegram chat.

Meet WELD crypto card, the only seamless Payment solution for day-to-day expenses.

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Weld Money

Weld Money

Meet WELD crypto card, the only seamless Payment solution for day-to-day expenses.

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