How Investors Benefit from Weld Choosing Kaizen Finance to Launch WELD Token

Tomorrow is a big day for Weld and its community!

Earlier this week, we announced that the second pre-sale of WELD tokens will be held on September 8, 2021. We hope all of you have already passed the KYC and have got your names on the Whitelist (if you haven’t, visit Weld.Money while there is still time).

Audited by Certik

At Weld, we are seeking to provide our investors with an outstanding crypto experience. That is why we have partnered with Kaizen Finance, which enables a smooth and secure launch of WELD tokens and their distribution to investor wallets right away.

Audited by Blaize.Security

We are proud to announce Weld will be the industry first to provide an opportunity to access tokens right after the sale.

How does it work? Why is this a big deal? And what are the actual benefits for our investors? Let’s break it down.

Benefits for WELD Investors

Weld is holding its token pre-sale via Kaizen.Finance platform, providing investors with the following benefits:

Although WELD tokens have a lockup period, investors don’t need to wait until their WELD tokens are fully unlocked to have them show up on their wallet balance.

Kaizen Finance makes temporarily locked WELD tokens available to investors right after the purchase.

Simply put, through the use of smart contracts, Kaizen can guarantee that investors will receive their tokens automatically when they buy them during the pre-sale.

The use of Kaizen Finance allows to make locked WELD tokens available to a wide range of Weld ecosystem opportunities. One of the most promising, investors can stake their tokens. It opens the possibility to get additional income, which Weld pays on staked funds.

Join the Weld community to learn more about other opportunities, also available for WELD investors.

In other words, while previously investors could only earn from selling off their unlocked tokens, with Weld they can now use their locked tokens to earn extra profits right away.

WELD investors can use their locked WELD tokens within the ecosystem or simply hold them. The unlock schedule is embedded into the locked token itself. With Kaizen Finance, unlocked WELD tokens can be easily and quickly claimed per unlock schedule right on the Weld website. For investors, the process consists of one click. The whole job is to be done by Kaizen.Finance.

Code, vesting contract and token where audited by Certik. You can find a full audition report here.

Security of the contracts for Weld protocol where also audited by Blaze.Security between August 13th — 25th, 2021. You can find a full audition report here.

What Is Kaizen Finance?

Kaizen literally means ‘continuous improvement’.

Kaizen Finance empowers projects and investors to achieve the relationships of utmost trust and create the market for trading the future value of locked assets as the world embraces the decentralization of finance.

It’s designed to enable a new level of automation, security, trust, clarity, and convenience for both the projects and the investors. To uncover the full scope of Kaizen Finance capabilities, be sure to check out their lightpaper.

Kaizen Finance carefully considers the needs of both projects and investors. Weld is proud to be among the first to take advantage of the Kaizen platform for the benefit of our investors.

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