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3 min readSep 21, 2022

We at Weld Money realized that the modern crypto-financial system does not look like it should look in the 21st century. High network commissions and no real opportunity to apply every day. Obviously, without widespread adoption of digital payment, cryptocurrency essentially remains a tool, at best, preservation of value, a hedging tool, and, at worst — an object of constant speculation. In fact, this is how the idea of ​​the weld card was born.

Many major players in the crypto and fintech markets are already trying to introduce and popularize solutions that will help make daily crypto payments real. After analyzing the market, we came to the following conclusions:

  • Fintech companies and cryptocurrency exchanges cannot offer their users the Apple Pay/Google Pay function or a refund program and simply do not provide a direct connection to the wallets of various crypto exchanges.
  • Banks are trying to implement solutions for buying and storing crypto assets. But the processes are prolonged, and these solutions still do not allow users to make daily cryptocurrency payments.
  • Crypto-non-banking companies are focused on developing and implementing unique solutions that solve the problems of inapplicability and lack of cryptocurrency.

Weld Money already knows what it’s like to launch a cryptocurrency card into the world. Together with Unchain Fund and Unex Bank, we successfully managed to create the UNCHAIN ​​Help Card.

Starting today, every Ukrainian who wants to can visit our website and apply for their own weld card.

How to start?

To start paying for purchases using a weld card from your exchange account, you need to complete 4 simple steps of our registration process:

  • Log in to the Weld Money web office, register, and go through the standard KYC process via Diia application.
  • Fill in the Unex Bank questionnaire.
  • Connect your API keys from your exchange wallet to the Weld Money system.
  • Add your weld card to Apple Pay/Google Pay.

Done! You are fully ready for daily payments in cryptocurrency for any services or goods using your smartphone or smartwatch offline as well as online

How did we manage to combine cryptocurrency and fiat payments?

We invented an ingenious and simple solution:

  • The owner of the weld card connects a smartphone or smartwatch (with Apple/Google Pay support) to the POS terminal.
  • The bank carries out an overdraft operation, to which no commissions are added, and freezes the required amount on the user’s balance on the crypto exchange where the user’s wallet is located.
  • The bank sends a message to the processing center about the successful execution of the operation.
  • The required amount in cryptocurrency is transferred from the user’s balance to the Weld Money corporate account.
  • The user receives his product/service.
  • Once a day, Weld Money closes all overdrafts on customer accounts.

What are weld card advantages?

  • the transaction is processed in 4 seconds.
  • Weld Money commission fee — 0% for the period of the card product launch.
  • the ability to connect the card to various exchanges (already today, users of cryptocurrency exchanges WhiteBit and Huobi can pay with cryptocurrency directly from exchange wallets. Soon a similar opportunity will be implemented for users of Binance, EXMO and KuCoin).

An equally important advantage of Weld Money technology is that the seller of the goods/services will not even know that the payment was made using cryptocurrency, as he will receive fiat money.

Currently, weld card payment is available only in stablecoins, but Weld Money is working on gradually integrating all the most popular coins into its own ecosystem.

Get your own weld card right here and proceed to daily crypto payments already today.


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