50 Guaranteed Allocations for WELD Token Holders on Kaizen Finance

One of the most profitable investment options in crypto today is participating in cool technology projects at the earliest stages (IDO and pre-sale). But, as you know, getting an allocation in cool projects is almost impossible due to high competition from investors. For example, in projects that are launched on CoinList, the competition for each allocation reaches 5,000 people. In this regard, we are pleased to announce special conditions for participation in a special Kaizen Finance lottery for the Weld Money community!

In many ways, the success of a project depends on whether it can convey its value to society or not. To achieve this goal, projects issue tokens as a material equivalent of their product value. Therefore, each project needs a starting space for distribution, economy and management of tokens. For Weld Money, Kaizen Finance became such a space.

Kaizen Finance Platform

Kaizen Finance is the first token lifecycle management platform designed to provide a new level of automation, security, trust, transparency and convenience for both parties involved: the project and investors.
With Kaizen Finance, projects can securely generate tokens and manage their supply without having to write any code.

Kaizen Finance allows investors to earn money using locked tokens.
The platform does this with the concept of collateralized tokens. Collateralized tokens are tradable tokens that are used in collateral pools and reflect the value of the assets provided for them. Collateralized tokens allow investors to trade in the future value of assets they own while maintaining market value.

The first project to use Kaizen platform services was Weld Money.
On September 8, 2021, Weld Money held a pre-sale of their WELD token on Kaizen. Tokens were sold in a blocked form, while operations with them on the blockchain were still available.

Weld Money and Kaizen Finance Partnership

On Kaizen platform, Weld Money created the WELD token, held a presale, automated the distribution of locked tokens among users in accordance with the vesting schedule, and also provided investors with the opportunity to earn on WELD staking.

Over $250,000 was raised in the Weld Money presale round, and now the liquidity of WELD tokens locked in the Kaizen Finance smart contract is $12 million. During the round, early Weld investors received a secured pWELD token. Investors could earn by staking pWELD, which allowed them to earn rewards and additional income from their locked assets during the lock-up period.

In addition, the early project`s investors were able to exchange the pWELD token for WELD at a 1:1 ratio in accordance with the TGE day transfer schedule. Immediately after the listing, the value of the WELD token at the maximum point was 12 times higher than the initial price and stabilized at x5. As a result, the capitalization of Weld Money increased from $15 million to $83 million.

Allocation lottery among WELD token holders on Kaizen Finance

Lottery conditions:

📌 In the period 18.01–22.01 until 23:59 UTC, buy at least 3500 WELD tokens on PancakeSwap or Uniswap.
📌 Register — https://kaizen.finance/ido/kzen-weld

Guide of registration : https://kaizenfinance.medium.com/guide-this-is-how-you-get-whitelisted-for-the-kaizen-finance-community-sale-a938327d22bc

📌 On January 23, a whitelist of 50 winners will be announced who will receive a guaranteed allocation.
📌 The distribution of 50 winners is as follows: 10 winners are participants who bought the maximum number of WELD tokens during the competition period. 40 winners will be randomly selected from all wallets that have purchased at least 3500 WELD

We wish good luck to all participants!




Meet WELD crypto card, the only seamless Payment solution for day-to-day expenses. https://weld.money/

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Weld Money

Weld Money

Meet WELD crypto card, the only seamless Payment solution for day-to-day expenses. https://weld.money/

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