This week we moved to the UAE, where our founders have participated in several important industry events at once.

The Weld Money co-founder Iryna Lorens continued to promote the Ukrainian project and strengthen Weld’s image. …

Here’s the second week when we have been attending several global cryptocurrency events at once. Firstly it’s the Token 2049 conference, which was held on October 7–8 in London. The event brought together key reps & global players of the digital asset industry.

During two days, several dozen of speakers…

The Weld development team works quickly and smoothly. We’ve completed another work stage of the frontend of the Weld service web-version.

Weld Money September Travel Diary. Vinnytsia — Amsterdam

As you know the frontend is everything you see when you open a web page or application. The Weld service already has its own face. See how the personal data page and the login window will look like.

Our community asks about how to stake the WELD token properly. Here’s a step-by-step guide allowing you to avoid difficulties and simplify this procedure.

Instruction on russian

Follow the link

Click Connect wallet. Choose a blockchain that matches the tokens you use.

Click on the fox icon to connect…

As you know the ultimate Weld $150,000 trading marathon has already begun. There are some tricks to get fast success and claim victory.

Let’s remind competition details

Marathon counts gained trading volume. The bigger volumes your gain, the more chances to win you get.

The marathon counts transactions on the Uniswap (Ethereum network), PancakeSwap…

Despite the widespread popularity, cryptocurrency use still requires certain keen. Some of our community members still face some difficulties while WELD tokens buying. That is why we’ve prepared for you a detailed step-by-step guide to make this process easy & transparent.

Instruction on russian

Note for mobile users! All operations…

Last weekend we presented the Weld Money project at the Money of the Future conference in Vinnytsia.

The event brought together cryptocurrency& fintech industry entrepreneurs and experts, who discussed digital innovations, capital and investment management, the financial system transformation and the possibilities of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

See also: Сrypto…

If the digital asset operations provider gains income only in the crypto industry its will be taxed at 5%. The same tax is supposed for an individual’s income, who will additionally should to pay a military fee of 1.5%.

Such proposals are in the draft of Ukraine Tax Code changes…

Launching a project is a complex and time-consuming process requiring the full concentration of the entire team and taking into account plenty of features. We were attacked by spammers, bots, and fake token sales. Despite all this, in particular, the general market decline today, WELD token rise and showed x10…

Weld’s founders Alexey Bobok and Iryna Lorens have an AMA session with MANTRA DAO senior marketing & BD manager Jacky Lee. During the 30-minute session, they discussed the upcoming ZENDIT IDO and have answered the most tricky questions of community members. …

Weld Money

Meet WELD crypto card, the only seamless Payment solution for day-to-day expenses.

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